Trapdoor Spiders

Trapdoor Spiders – Idiopidae

This family contains a variety of burrowing spiders live beneath the ground in silk-lined burrows. Some species build silk-hinged lids (trapdoors) on their burrows, while other have open lidless entrances. Most of these spiders are stocky in build and are dark earthy colours and as a result of often confused with funnel-web spiders,  although they are generally lighter in colour than the glossy black funnel-webs, or have more hair on the cepahlothorax than their more venomous cousins.  While the spiders in this group have large fangs they are not regarded as dangerous.

Example Australian species

Brisbane Trapdoor Spider – Arbanitis longipes

Trapdoor Spider  – Cataxia species (female)

Trapdoor Spider – Cataxia species (male)

Golden Trapdoor Spiders – Euoplos spp.