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Spider identification made simple

Spiders are a fact of life for Australians. We share our homes with them, check our shoes for them, run away from them – and yet, we often know surprisingly little about them. When it comes to telling the dangerous ones from the harmless, the web-spinners from the burrow-dwellers, the back end from the front – what do we really know?

Australia’s most comprehensive spider identification assistant and field guide for mobile devices is here! From parents and travelers to enthusiasts and professionals, Minibeast Wildlife’s Spidentify unlocks the mysteries of one of Australia’s most feared groups of animals and places a trove of information in the palm of your hand. Stunning high resolution photographs accompany detailed expert information on each of our 250+ included species.

Our step-by-step identification tool will guide you through the process of identifying an unknown spider, providing you with a list of species that best match your description. Detailed information is available on each spider, including an instantly accessible bite danger rating. Helpful pop-ups explain technical words in simple language.

Experienced users can browse our field guide by category including habitats and families. Search instead to take you instantly to any species in the app, look up glossary terms, or find closely related species. Supplementary content explains spider anatomy, dispels myths, answers common questions and more.

Everyone’s an expert with Spidentify.

Triangular Spider by Alan Henderson
Studded Triangular Spider (Arkys walckenaeri) by Alan Henderson, Minibeast Wildlife


All spiders in Spidentify are photographed live by Alan and Caitlin Henderson.