Spider families

Spiders are classified into groups called Families with other closely related spiders.

Click on the various families to see some of the Australian species represented within them.


Mouse Spiders – Actinopodidae

Orb-weavers – Araneidae

Triangular Spiders – Arkyidae

Australian Funnel-webs – Atracidae

Brush-footed Trapdoors – Barychelidae

Sac Spiders – Clubionidae

Swift Spiders – Corinnidae

Net-casting Spiders – Deinopidae

Lace-web Spiders – Desidae


Curtain-web Spiders – Dipluridae

Slater-eating Spiders – Dysderidae

Slender Sac Spiders – Eutichuridae

Ground Spiders – Gnaphosidae

Two-tailed Spiders – Hersiliidae

Trapdoor Spiders – Idiopidae

White-tailed Spiders – Lamponidae

Wolf Spiders – Lycosidae

Pirate Spiders – Mimetidae

Prowling Spiders – Miturgidae

Wishbone and Lidless Trapdoor Spiders – Nemesiidae

Red-and-black Spiders – Nicodamidae

Lynx Spiders – Oxyopidae

Daddy Long-legs Spiders – Pholcidae

Water Spiders – Pisauridae

Jumping Spiders – Salticidae

Spitting Spiders – Scytodidae

Tube Spiders – Segestriidae

Flat Spiders – Selenopidae

Huntsman Spiders – Sparassidae

Platform Spiders – Stiphidiidae

Long-jawed Spiders – Tetragnathidae

Australian Tarantulas – Theraphosidae

Comb-footed Spiders – Theridiidae

Crab Spiders – Thomisidae

Reclusive Flat Spiders – Trochanteriidae

Venomless Spiders – Uloboridae

Ant Spiders – Zodariidae